Friday, March 30, 2012

Help! Anyone?

I am totally tired of battling with Blogger's fixed templates!
(you might happen to come across me switching through loads of templates for the past 2 hours lol)

So I'm back at using the classic template
But the RSS problem is still there..
It doesn't work and Feedburner says my blog has a problem so they can't generate a feed...


I am perfectly at a loss on what I should do
Let me know if you would like to help dabble around with my html codings!
Please please please ):


oh yes, here's the feedburner validating thingy

Problem is, the things they want me to remove will totally destroy the blog lol

My conclusion is that it just basically hates any codings that has "html" and "head" in it,
which basically every template on has lol

miffed +_+

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