Monday, March 26, 2012

Sleek makeup

I was looking around for a contour product... and I found the Sleek Makeup Face Contour Kit. (Click)

It's so affordable but DAMN! It's OOS on the site! >< 

And then I thought of this local site that brings in quite a few foreign makeup and skincare brands that are not available in Singapore!!!
Ran as fast as I virtually can to Luxola
(at a speed of 6mbps!!! xD hahahha i can't resist making this joke, sorry)

They don't have the contour kit!
Found this eyeshadow palette instead... I'm currently also searching for a cheap (but good) eyeshadow palette for a beginner..

I've read (or seen) quite a lot of good reviews on this brand actually

Sigh oh sigh
Can money just grow on trees?

SGD20 is quite okay for 10 colours actually.. just that I'm not going for the smokey look. 
So the colours I'm interested in are only the first row neutral ones

There's that $10 free credit they'll give you if you recommend a friend AND they buy something from the site, but I don't think there are anyone around me who are interested. So thinking of the $10 I could have saved, I just can't bear to get this xD
AHH! I just realised they give you $10 credits if you sign up as a new customer
So I can get this palette for just SGD10!!
Damn now I have to decide!

Maybe I'll just stick to setting my eyes on the NYX 10 colour palette. 

Gone~ are the days where I'm just satisfied with foundation + concealer + eyeliner 
(I usually can't be bothered with mascara)

I've started to get interested in lipsticks around Dec 11 / Jan 12
The problem with lipsticks is the colour you like (when you see the lipstick and swatches) might not really look good on you. Which is why I'm selling away two of my lipsticks now lol.
(1 Canmake creamy rouge & 1 Missha M Luminous, anyone interested? :D) 

I've came to the conclusion that reds look better on me than pink. (not bloody red. like darker red?)
Revlon Lip Butter in Fig Jam, yay~

Oh I digressed. 
Okay lipsticks, and now I'm looking into getting eyeshadows.
My bank account is crying
The accountant in me is crying
The retailers are happy 

One main reason is because I'm in some stage where I want to have changes in my life.
It's those one-fine-day-I-look-into-the-mirror-and-I-realised-I'm-bored-with-whatever-I'm-currently-doing, if you get what I mean :S

A side reason is that I've been browsing quite a lot of beauty blogs / youtube videos recently anddddddd..
I kind of got influenced? ):

The only consolation is that I've sweared not to get any new clothes until I'm down by two sizes
So er, cut down on new clothes but a rise in makeup expenses? ><

I sound really vain in this blog entry lol...
 Meh whatever!

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