Monday, March 26, 2012

Wishlists with a Capital 'S'

Click on it to view better? Just don't laugh at the things in my wishlist lol 

Oh oh and these from one of my bookmarks folder:
Revlon lip butter (my current fave :D)
Celine inspired bag (it's real leather at around 55sgd?!)

Hahaha if you know me, I have a bookmarks folder in my Chrome entitled "DESIRES"
It's for me to store bookmarks of the stuff I wanna get :D

Okay, okay


Not everything in the wishlists are what I'm gonna be getting even if I die lol
Some are items that I'm more or less interested in but have no concrete decision on whether I'll be getting it for sure, so I just pluck them into the wishlist! :P

The good thing of keeping a wishlist is that you wouldn't rush into your purchase
I keep these items in there for a few weeks (and look at them almost daily lol, obsessive me), before I decide that I actually still like that bag/wallet/clothes/yadah yadah, and THEN I actually purchase it

Conclusion: I have less impulse buys :D

P.S: Plus most of the stuff on there are clothes which I have already told myself not to get anymore till I drop two dress sizes. Good self-control, no? ^^

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