Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Back to SP (:

I went back to Singapore Polytechnic (my old school before Uni) with Reggie for lunch before our late noon class ^^

This area used to be just wooden benches with very little electrical plugs, and I always come here till the wee hours to do projects in year 3

Now it has more modern furnishings/furniture and electrical plugs at every table, lucky kiddos

Reggie's watch
Pretty right? 

My pencil box. 
Spot the duck! :3

Exploring the world in 87 days, Ducky the Yellow Duckie~

Sleeping Beauty xD
Psssttt she was supposed to be studying
Friends for 5 years and counting, love ya <3

I'm rarely photogenic hahaha

An old polaroid of us two I keep in my wallet, taken at Timbre over duck pizza and beer ^^
Look at my side fringe hahaha

My wallet (from Mango), floral pencil box (bought in Korea) and camera case.
Reggie's very vintage Rilakkuma metal pencil case ^^


Had a gruelling revision class today, the brain is dead.

But I managed to make time to visit John Little, Watsons and Guardian since I have barely gone out for the past 2 weeks, I have been holed up at home

Milani is available in John Little!!!
The stock there is kind of slow though, they don't really have the new 2012 collection yet :S
They do have the baked blushers, eyeshadows and all that. 
Blushers are SGD20 each, those the only ones I checked out ;D

I have my eyes on the Canmake Nose Shadow powder

And duh, Singapore never fail to surprise me, none of the stores have it yet.
I did saw the price tag for it in Watsons, but no powder in sight. 
I wouldn't have gotten it there though, its tagged at SGD19..

I saw it for 8,900KRW / approx 8USD on Gmarket Korea.

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