Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

It's Friday the 13th!
Nothing bad really happened to me, just that I saw a stray male cat, meow-ed at it, and it totally replied me with a very angry pms-y "MEOW!!!" 

He totally snapped ><

I think he was sick of humans fake meowing to catch his attention lol

I wanted to experiment with a change in study environment and so I woke up at 8am (shocking!) and went to my neighbourhood Macdonalds (5 mins walk away :3) for the day. Took the opportunity to get their breakfast meal too, it's been quite a long while since I woke up early enough to be there when the breakfast menu is still available xD 

My utltimate favourite : Sausage MacMuffin with egg yay!

I have always loved the trees outside this Mac outlet xD It's less commonly found in SG

Overall I studied quite a lot, but economically and health wise I should not be studying at Mac too often xD
The fries, nuggets, cakes, frappes, sundaes kept calling out to me I swear!

Onto another totally different topic...
(I really need to stop browsing the net)

I fell in love with the earrings Beautycrush was wearing in her video here and went on a rampant search for it.

Google is my best friend <3

pic credit:

Drop spike earrings in (antique? rose? I don't care) gold on the extreme right. 
Love that its "double-jointed"

Somehow it feels a little feminine yet slightly grunge-y, which isn't too extreme.

Love. Love. Love

Too bad it's from Topshop's A/W 2011 lol, what luck.
I'm going to try searching for duplicates on ebay or something ^^

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