Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm in Slytherin!

I got sorted into Slytherin at Pottermore~

I know people always say that Slytherin is the 'bad' house but I have nothing against Slytherin. I believe that the different houses all have their own good traits. It's all about the choices you made/make, instead of letting an 'environment' mold you into what you might not really is. Every individual is a person by himself/herself, and the actions of others related to or around them should not be reflected and judged onto themselves.

I shall stop being so serious xD

Harry Potter yay~
It is my all time favourite book, and I can read and re-read the series line by line without getting bored.

Anyway, add me if you're on Pottermore too! I'm LightThestral28837 ^^

I have actually finished playing the whole of book 1 lol and book 2 is only 'out' for everyone to play in the later half of the year I think. All I can do now is to brew potions and duel to win house points so I'm not really into that :x

I bought a black cat at Diagon Alley but there is no options where I can play with it, what a bummer ):

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