Monday, April 9, 2012

Makeup Collection & Reviews Part 1 - Eyes

My Makeup Collection part 1 - Eye makeup (& etc)
(excluding my Sleek eyeshadow palettes)

I'm just doing this post to entertain myself :D
And tell you what not to buy xD

Here's everything *beams*
Definitely not comparable to beauty bloggers hahahaha


1. 3 Concept Eyes Gel Eyeliner in Brown

3 Concept Eyes is a makeup brand by a Korean online clothing store, Stylenanda. They have quite a big range of makeup products.. Lipstick, lipgloss, foundation, blusher, eyeshadows etc. I came across the site randomly haha. The clothes are awesome too but blergh, too expensive. Way more expensive than Zipia

I digressed. 

I actually got this gel eyeliner around a year ago, but I wasn't into brown eyeliner then so I kind of put it to one side, but  the quality is good enough to not made me dump it. 

I. am. so. glad. I. didn't

This is my current favourite, and oh man. It's creamy, easy to apply, doesn't smudge, doesn't budge, but easy to remove with makeup remover.  IMO it's way better than the famous Maybelline gel eyeliner. THAT smudges for me okay. AND even after I have stored it for more than 1 year, the formula didn't dry up! :D

The gel eyeliner comes with an eyeliner brush too (as shown in the pic), which is also quite okay. Does the job, no fallouts, but the brush is not fabulous. The 3 concept eyes brush is also better than the brush that comes with Maybelline's gel eyeliner

It costs 13.21usd / approx 18 sgd

Highly recommended if you like gel eyeliners!

I've been looking into buying more makeup from Stylenanda but I can't seem to load the page well even after trying on 3 different web browsers, it's too imageheavy I think. Apparently, their lipsticks are quite famous among Korean artistes. And I would like to get my hands on the black gel eyeliner :D

Stylenanda, if by some miracle you are reading this, PLEASE do something about your site ><


2. Clio Kill Black Waterproof Brush Liner in Black

Another Korean brand haha. I was first 'introduced' to this when I went to Korea in July 2011 and I got their pen liner.

If you are looking to get an eyeliner from Clio, I will not recommend their brush liner. It fades after a few hours, and the brush is kind of too long for me and thus a little difficult to control while applying


You NEED the Clio Kill Black Waterproof PEN liner

It doesn't smudge even after 10 hours (tried and proven), easy to control (tip is shorter), and just stays there all the way till you remove your makeup. I swear on Soon Dubu Jiggae that it's better than the Dollywink eyeliner.

I don't have a pic of it as I have finished mine. The long story was that I went to buy a second pen liner... but bought the wrong eyeliner (the brush liner). Urghh. So please remember to look carefully before purchasing; PEN liner, not BRUSH liner. 

Clio is available at Watsons, the pen liner is around SGD24 if I remember correctly, but it's a little cheaper on Gmarket Korea (around USD13/ SGD17 excluding shipping)


3. Chanel Kohl Eyeliner in Noir (Black)

Before you gasp, this was a gift from my cousin around 2 years ago :D
I think it's around SGD60+? Not so sure

It's quite okay.. but I only use for my lower lashline. (like draw lightly and smudge it out with finger)
It's almost half gone as you can see.

It smudges, so I wouldn't use it on my upper lid.


4. Etude House Styling Eye liner

I think it's a crayon? I got it during my Korea trip and I just picked it up cos it was dirt cheap. 
Like 3000won? Approx 4sgd

I dont think it's waterproof, and it smudges , so it's out.
Don't waste your money on it even if it's dirt cheap


You know how beauty bloggers do swatches lmao, so I tried it out for fun xD

from left to right

1. 3 Concept Eyes gel eyeliner in brown
2. Clio Kill Black Brush liner in black
3. Chanel Kohl eyeliner in Noir (black)
4. Etude House Styling Eye Liner in black


Bonus item
Clio O' Tank Volume Mascara

This... is the only mascara I currently own.

If I  want to put on mascara, I HAVE to curl my eyelashes cos its just flat out iron straight, so I find it sort of  an extra step and can't be bothered. I'm just plain lazy and not fussed about my eyelashes.

Anyway, the mascara came together with the Clio Brush liner so I guess that's why its a sample size. 
It was SGD28+ for the set from Watsons

Volume wise it's gives a slight volume, but not wow-ish. 
Or maybe I just need to put on a few more coats...  Hmmm. 

I'm satisfied with it as it doesn't clump at all and it's waterproof. Doesn't 'move' onto ur lower lids and the likes.


I guess that's all! :D

I have purchased another gel liner from Gmarket but it's still with my friend (have to meet and collect from her), so I guess I'll just blog about it then.

If there're any eyeliners that I'm interested in.. I would like to try the Lancome pencil liners?

Doing this post has been fun :D
I love sharing about makeup

Have a nice day! ^^


  1. pencil liners, my absolute FAVE are MUFE aqua liner pencil!

    1. this I know xD Will get that someday too cos of your recommendation xD

  2. How's the staying power for the 3 Concepts Gel Eyeliner on the waterline?

    1. It stays for quite awhile but with a little smudging after around 4 to 5 hours (:

  3. 3CE gel eyeliner looks like what I need. I'm using maybeline gel eyeliner and I agree with you! I've just ordered from them, mostly lipsticks. If you're interested in a review on 3 Concept Eyes lipsticks, visit and follow my blog ;)