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Makeup Collection & Reviews Part 2 - Face

Makeup Collection & Reviews Part 2 - Face 
Foundations, Sunscreen, Primer, Concealer, Powder etc

I had to take the photos real quick before the sun goes down, so pardon if the photos came off badly.
My fake flowers from Ikea are featured in some of the pics :3

As usual, just click on the pics to view full size ^^


My favourite brand for quite a while, Hera!
And because I love the brand so much, I shall do a brief introduction for the brand ^^

Hera is quite a high-end brand in Korea, under the Amore Pacific corporation which also houses Sulwhasoo, Laneige, IOPE, and most probably the most familiar one for everyone will be Etude House.
Quite a range from high to affordable 'end' right? xD

I kept the outer packaging of the Hera products I have, so here they are:

Hera HD Foundation and Hera Sun Mate Daily

1.  Hera HD Foundation in No.13, SPF15 PA+

I used to be 'into' BB cream until I bought my first tube of this foundation during my Korea trip last year, and I love it~~~~~~~~~~

It has medium coverage which is good enough for me, it isn't heavy, and it gives my face a slight natural glow. Just one pump is enough for the whole face. I usually apply with a wet sponge or stippling brush, but if I'm rushing for time my fingers are good enough.

Left: Product, Right: Slightly blended out

As with Korean makeup foundation or BB cream products, they only have a limited 3 shades; 13, 21, 23.

I can't provide a comparison with M.A.C or other US or UK brands' shades as I have never owned any haha. When I started putting on makeup, I immediately jumped on the BB cream wagon and after that it was the Hera foundation. But a tip I can give is if you are pale with a yellow undertone, go for no.13. But if you are pale with a pink undertone, no.21 might be better for you. 

The Hera HD foundation is retailing for 45,000 KRW (approx 50SGD / 40USD)

It is pricey (the brand is after all high-end), but it can last for quite a long while. I have been using this tube since July 2011.

Hera HD foundation ingredient list (:

*Definitely not available in Singapore, but you can get them on Gmarket Korea 
Hera please come to SG!! But please don't markup your pricing like the local Laneige does, keep it the same ><


2. Hera Sun Mate Daily, SPF 35 PA++

Another popular product of Hera! 

The Hera Sun Mate Daily is a makeup base sunblock cream.


The cream does has a slight reddish tinge to it, but when spread out it does not create redness.
I usually let it absorb for around 10 to 15 minutes before applying foundation.

It doesn't make my face feel greasy too. 
This AND 'SPF 35' AND 'PA++', I'm hooked

I have not break out after using this
Oh and it says "dermatologist tested', that made me more reassured as I have sensitive skin. I read somewhere that it has oil control too. I agree I get oily less easily on my cheeks etc, but not much difference for T-zone.

The Hera Sun Mate Daily retails at 30,000KRW (approx 35SGD / 27USD)

Hera Sun Mate Daily ingredient list

*Like the foundation, you can find this on Gmarket Korea


3. Hanskin Sun Cream, SPF50+ PA+++

This was the first sun cream I got! I'm not sure if this is the actual size product or a sample size, as the tube does seem small. It was on sale for just 5,000 KRW (approx 5SGD/ 4USD) when I went to Korea so I just got it without thinking much. 


This has a yellowish tinge to it instead, and is more greasy than the Hera sunblock cream
It does not make my face more yellowish when spread out. I find that it can make your foundation cakey after a few hours

I know that SPF 30 is enough so the SPF 50 doesn't faze me. 

Overall, I like the Hera sun cream more^^

I didn't kept the outer packaging for this so I am not able to provide the ingredient list


4. Amore Mio Mineral Foundation

I always feel a twinge of unhappiness and regret when I see this

This set me back by around 70SGD. 


It was one of the cart stalls at Raffles City shopping centre that hires caucasians and hands out freebies and then tells you, "you know what? Your skin is good but I have something better to introduce to you"

So I was like ah... okay? It doesn't hurt to try something new. So she removed the makeup on one side of my face, tried this powder foundation on me, I looked into the mirror and thought, "hmm, not bad"

How much was the original price? She quoted me 90sgd for this and a powder brush.

My flabber was so gasted.

I was like ah... no thanks it's too expensive for me to afford it blah blah blah, and I should have literally RAN away at that point of time, but the salesgirl was like, "why? this is really good, I'm using this myself! Okay you know what, I will give you an additional discount" and then lowered it to 70sgd.

I suck at declining to persistent salespeople ><

Now that I think of it, how much commission did she earn from that? I wonder how much lower can she discount the product if I continued saying 'no' lol.

It opens like this, the upper slot is a mirror and then the lower part is the foundation powder. 


I caved in.


It was worse than an impulse buy. 

Went home, tried it and under natural lighting the powder makeup just look so heavy AND my pores were not covered up yet. Needless to say, I do not want to use it anymore.

I want to chuck it into the bin so much, but my heart bleeds for the 70sgd I spent. 

I avoided that cart stall from that day onwards ><


5. Missha Under Eye Brightener in Light Beige

My other favourite Korean brand, Missha :D
This comes in only 2 shades, light beige and natural beige. 

Honestly.. I don't really have dark undereye circles, I only have eyebags that appear when I smile or laugh hehe. I sleep at like 2am (or even later) every night, but I never had dark circles. Just envy me xD

Anyways, I just dab this on my undereye to make me look more awake, and on zits if I breakout. I usually don't put concealer on my larger pores etc, I feel that the Hera HD foundation was enough (:

I like the application tip brush thingy too.

It retails for 3,300KRW (approx 3SGD / 2USD), but Missha's US site is selling it for 5.99USD. Gmarket sg has it too for 7.50SGD. I think it depends on where you purchase it. It is still really affordable! Sadly, Missha's minishop on Gmarket Korea doesn't have worldwide shipping.

On a side note, I have my eyes on another (also very affordable) concealer of theirs; 
The Style Perfect Concealer


6. Loreal Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer

It smoothens the skin for easy application of foundation, but I realised that it makes me oily faster than when I don't have the primer on, and it made my foundation 'slide off'.

I am not sure if its because it is not suitable for liquid foundation or the Hera HD foundation :S

Needless to say, I stopped using it, I will not repurchase it, and I will not recommend it :X

I believe this is retailing for SGD29 in SG.


7. M.A.C Pressed Blot Powder in Medium

 Awesome for controlling oil (or absorbing? I don't know how it works), I can go oil-free for up to 6 hours.

My only complaint is that it can kind of make my foundation cakey, especially on concealer areas... that's why I only pat it on my T-zone (forehead and nose).

I really should have gotten the loose powder version lol, which I only know it exists a few months after I purchased this. But it's okay, I can deal with that.

As you can see, I hardly made a dent even though I have this for at least 6 months xD


That's that! :D

Next up I have my blushers, lipsticks, and that's the end xD

I really like Korean makeup brands as most are very affordable, the quality is good for the price, and they always have new products out every 1 or 2 months. Some are hits and some are misses though xD

Have my post influenced you to get the Hera HD foundation? Let me know lmao, I will feel proud out it.

Oh glory Hera~~~~


  1. i am a bb cream only girl so i just dont think i will get the hera hd foundation XD but i will try out their sun cream!

    1. wee! try their loose powder too, mish says its good xD