Thursday, April 5, 2012

More Sleek Makeup

I'm feeling the euphoria one would feel when you finally received a package that's smth you got online :D
Being an avid online shopper, I'm still not yet numb to receiving packages from the grumpy postman haha
(I just can't find stuff as nice when shopping offline you know ><)

Anyways, Happy1990 here!
*attempts to execute a pirouette*

Another Sleek palette came~
It's the Oh So Special palette. I bought this on ebay (here) far earlier than the Storm palette actually, but it came only today.
That's one of the cons of offline shopping. Shipping fees + waiting time

Anyways didn't have this palette so that's why I got it off ebay.
The palette itself was just around 6 pounds actually, but the shipping fee add on to it. 
Total paid was SGD28. 

As compared to the $10 I paid for the Storm Palette.. *bitter*

I'm not gonna explain myself on why I said I'm broke but I still buy these stuff and all cos it's a long story and I can't be bothered with what people think, cos it will definitely pop my happy clouds ^^


My two palettes! 
I solemnly swear I will not be buying anymore eyeshadows stuff for quite a while.
I do have to learn how to put on eyeshadow without looking like someone punched me in the eye 

Oh yea, the paper below are my notes xD

More pics of the Sleek 'Oh So Special' eyeshadow palette
As usual, just click and you'll get a mega-size pic thanks to yours truly, who again forgot to change program settings.

Viva la diva~

Side by side comparison of the two palettes
*right to right
//left Oh So Special, right Storm//

*left to right
//left Storm, right Oh So Special//
(The pink in the top 2nd right didn't come out true to item though)

Finishing this entry with my favourite guy, my favourite smile, and my favourite dimple :3

cr. orient-extreme

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