Friday, April 20, 2012

Save The Earth

Preparing for the fortnightly recyling; 
one bag of plastics, one bag of paper/cardboard, one bag of old clothing

If your neighbourhood doesn't have it, it's a recyling programme supported by the NEA.

It's pretty fuss-free, they come to your door-step every two weeks on a specific weekday (Friday for me) to collect the bags. You just have to place them outside your door on the previous day or early in the morning on the actual day if you wake up early enough. They will leave new empty bags for you after they collect the bags, and that's how the cycle begins again.

As you see in the pic, they basically collect almost everything other than general waste. 

My family has been supporting this programme for around 6 months-ish ^^. You will be surprised at how much plastics and paper and other recyclable stuff a family can 'consume', especially plastics. My family can fill up that garbage sized bag to the brim with plastics in two weeks. Almost everything is packaged with plastics these days, especially perishable foods (veggies, fruits, bread...). 

So if your neighbourhood already have this programme, make good use of it! 

If you don't, you can always call the hotline and see if there's anything that's available or can be arranged right? ^^


  1. in japan we sort our rubbish every day. oh its such a pain hahahah we break it down to burnables, unburnables, recyclable glass, recyclable plastic, recyclable paper, hard waste and so on. such a pain XD

    1. haha i know! i kind of wish SG can be like that. It's a small state so it should be easier to implement actually