Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Mum! DURIAN CAKE YOOOO

It's my mum's birthday today but we got her cake on Monday so these pics were all taken early ^^

Durian cake from 717. Just a small size 15cm one but it's already more expensive than the usual cake out there, but I'm not the one paying + my sis had a Groupon coupon. But still, durian cake = Durian heaven!

The layers: Sponge cake, durian, cake, durian, cake. 

And the plate is quite vintage ;P

Shermaine and I were so bored that we decided to at least be bored together lol.
So I went over to her house, help her sort and organize her makeup clutter (this girl is another friend that can't resist the two words : "limited edition")

She gave me a manicure!Apparently my nail-painting skills suck, according to her
It's some teal colour from OPI ^^

Yes I keep my nails quite short. I've to do housework.. cook and all that and I hate to get food stuck under my nails, it's just disgusting and a huge hassle!


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