Friday, September 14, 2012

Day out

Korean BBQ buffet at Blue Garden (Link Hotel)!

Gave up taking photos after the initial ones as I was just too busy eating ;P

School's reopening on Sep 17th, so I dragged the clique out to town for back-to-school shopping ;P Basically they've all done their shopping so I'm the only one who was seriously shopping for clothes. But then there wasn't much to get. It's kind of a pain to shop for summer/spring-ish clothes when it's the fall/autumn season for normal countries with 4 actual seasons ~.~ 

While waiting for Sher in the H&M trying rooms...

Nice? Spent ages on this, it's a really messy affair xD
Glitter nail lacquer from Stylenanda

New shoesssssss from Dorothy Perkins.

K. bye. Still immersed in holiday mood. I'm looking for a part-time job so that hopefully I can go on a graduation trip! 

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